- A new innovative pure wood-fibre board for internal walls


  • Smooth seamless finish
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Easy & quick to fit
  • Sustainably sourced
  • Suitable in bathroom & kitchen but not in direct water
  • High temperature & moisture resistant
  • Fire rated upgrade available
  • The Nordic PRO wall board are supplied primed and ready for two coats of paint - no skimming needed!
  • Nordic PRO Wall conform to climate zone 2 and deal well with temperature and humidity variations. 
  • Simple and quick to fit on vertical or horisontal joists or on existing wall. Perfect for both new built walls and refurbs.
  • The boards are suitable for painting and wall papering.
  • Fixing of board with screws or nail/staple gun. Screw-hold for fixings has a pull value of 150kg which means heavy screens, shelving and paintings can be screwed on directly on to wall. 

We stock board length 2420mm and can supply on order 2800 mm. The boards are 620 mm wide and 11 mm thick. Density is 900 kg/m3.. 


Scandinavian Trading Ltd offer our own fire-retardant paint and varnish for wood surfaces. The Nordic PRO Wall is already primed and only needs a two-coat paint finish to be completed. Our Nordic QVFR fire retardant in white and tinted colours are very suitable for a ready finished wall with fire classification B-s1,d0.  We can also supply a fire retardant glue to use with the system.

  • Nordic QVFR is a two-component system QVFR-1 first coat and QVFR-2 second coat. Because our timber coating must be applied in a special way in order to achieve the specified fire rating, we advise using the downloads available in QR code on product label or from our website.
  • When you order Nordic PRO wall we can supply Nordic QVFR as part of the delivery for the required m2 of fire rated wall.
  • The product is tested to several British standards, but is superseded by the new European Standard EN-13501 ñ Parts EN-13823 single burn test (SBI) and EN-11925-2 ignitability.
  • QVFR White has been tested to the new standard with resulting excellent classification B-s1,d0 (the S1 indicates minimal smoke emission, on a scale of S1 to S9, where S9 is highest smoke emission).
  • QVFR-2 White can be tinted as a decorative finish in pastel colours with up to 5% colouring.
  • QVFR-2 White is supplied in matt and satin finish. Please contact us to check what RAL colours are available


Nordic Pro-Wall Brochure