Flame Retardant Paint/Varnish is designed to stop spread of flame. Our flame Retardant Paint is tested to European rating B s1 d0 on a number of wood based substrates. It has also been tested to Class 0, Class 1 under British Standard fire regulations. Tested for Indoor Air Emissions.

Nordic QVFR Clear and Nordic QVFR White are water based and can be applied by spray, brush or roller. Nordic QVFR is a two part system with top coat integrated in coat 2. Nordic QVFR White can be pigmented to 10% for a coloured finish.


Call us for advice on how to achieve the fire protection you are looking for. We need to know what fire rating you need to achieve and what substrate you wish to protect.
Once the products are installed or applied, we can issue a Certificate of Supply, stating the new fire rating of the area treated, with references to relevant tests.