Why Choose Nordic Wooden Floors for Your Home

In the Nordic countries, people love and swear by their wooden floors. They are elegant, durable, and easy to keep clean and nice-looking. They are also a great choice for adding character to your rooms and giving them unique looks. Here are a few reasons why you should consider installing wooden floors in your home. 

Easy to clean and maintain
Wooden floors are incredible in many ways, and there are several reasons to choose them over carpets. Two huge perks are that they are a lot easier to clean and they last significantly longer. Having a wooden floor will make spills and muddy feet less of a worry as a quick mop-up solves the problem. Cleaning a carpet is usually a considerably larger effort than the one of cleaning a wooden floor. Forget about carpet deep cleans with all sorts of chemicals. With a wooden floor, there is no need for a carpet cleaner or other expensive technology or machines. Clean the floor by giving it a quick hoover-up followed by using a mop with warm water and a wooden floor cleaner. A wooden floor does not trap the dirt, making it a lot easier to clean.

Health benefits
As opposed to carpet, wooden floors do not harbour mould or dust or other bad influences to your indoor environment, making them more asthma and allergy friendly. This is also a huge help for maintaining a healthy air quality in your home, and keeping your floor fresh and odour-free. Everyone in your home deserves to breathe in clean air, and not air polluted by bacteria and dust hiding in the carpets. If you have kids and/or pets, you will be well aware that having a floor that can be swept, wiped and hoovered can definitely make your life a lot easier. And as babies, infants and toddlers spend a lot of time on the floor, it is a nice peace of mind that they are not rolling around in several years worth of dust and dirt, but are instead lying on a clean floor. 

Low maintenance and long lifespans
As long as you take good care of your Nordic floor, it will last you a long time. Carpet flooring will need to be replaced far more often, especially if it is stained or damaged. Holes in the carpet and bad stains are hard to fix without replacing the whole carpet. Stains are generally easier to remove from a wooden floor, as it does not soak up the liquid in the same way a carpet does. Damaged boards can also normally be replaced without having to re-lay the whole flooring. This means maintenance and upkeep are way smaller operations than they are in a house with carpets floors. Keep your floor clean and add felt pads to the legs of your furniture to reduce scratches, and the floor will last you. Saga floors are delivered with a 25-year warranty, which speaks for itself as far as confidence in the quality goes. 

A valuable long-term investment
Another great perk of installing wooden flooring is that it can significantly increase the value of your house. It adds both a natural and luxurious feel and look to your home, which will make an impression. Upgrading the carpet flooring to wooden panels is considered an investment for your home, and likely to make potential buyers pay more. Entering your home stepping onto a floor of fresh, beautiful wooden panels instead of a boring, dirty carpet has great potential for impressing anyone coming for a viewing. 

Scandinavian Trading Ltd imports and sells top quality wooden flooring from Norway. Two ranges of Saga flooring are available – Classic and Premium.  Browse products here.